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The martial way – Focus on what is earned, not simply awarded

Sometimes I feel like the little Japanese boy from the movie “The Challenge” when Scott Glenn makes an effort to explain “patience,,,” ( )

That is a life learned skill set as is humility and honor,,

Our industry is often solely based on a rewards system,, as if life is not enough to measure value, brotherhood, personal pride, integrity and family ethics!

Codes of Honor, creeds to reference and follow, sacrifices that place others into a realm of acceptance that those ideals are truly internal and are a reflection of our gifts we openly share with no agenda,,

I often wonder how so many miss the importance of simplicity,

How they missed the lessons that may have not been personally indoctrinated to them by the thousands who have evidently walked passed, alongside, or spiritually through,,, without embracing any essence of a pause, hesitation, or a sign of acknowledgement,,,

Thus we then become impressed with shallow riddles of logic, insight, wisdom, ,, another belt, title, glorious certificate,,,,

In essence merely the crossing of vision, a touch, and a word left unsaid carries more value of life experience than hollow words that bounce like silly-putty,,,

Leadership,, it is not what is awarded, it is earned, it is what is selflessly sacrificed for the core of society,,,,


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