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Professor Kelly S. Worden
                             Excellence and Professionalism 

    I have dedicated my life to the study of martial arts. Through this study, I have evolved the many styles I have trained in, taking the useful and discarding the useless, while seeking to fill emptiness in all ways. In doing so, I created Renegade Jeet Kune Do, the Worden Defense System, and the brotherhood of Natural Spirit International. It has been, and always will be for me, about spreading the arts and connecting the systems.

    I created WordenDefense.com in response to a changing landscape in self-defense instruction. This changing landscape comes about for two reasons. The first is obvious; technology advances have opened doors to online capabilities and information dissemination not available even a year ago.


    The second is not so obvious to everyone, but is important to understand the context of the launch of WordenDefense.com. Simply put, the world is becoming more and more dangerous every day and I cannot reach in-person everyone who inquires about learning real-life self-defense. I still teach in my private facility and through seminars, but for those who cannot meet in person and who are interested in true self-defense, a third option was needed. WordenDefense.com is that third option.

    Creating an online learning center in WordenDefense.com will allow me to continue to spread the gospel of real self-defense, where there is no tap out. WordenDefense.com members will get to learn in an environment that is as close to live training in my seminars, or private training facility, as is possible.

    For true self-defense, look no further than Worden Defense System. I recently ran into a US Army soldier that I first met several years ago when I was training the 1st Special Forces Group. To be honest, I didn’t remember him. But he remembered me and he started telling his co-workers about how the strategies and tactics he learned during my training of the 1st SFG saved his life.

    Friends, I’m not interested in the warm fuzzies. I’m only interested in helping you be that 24/7 bodyguard for yourself, your family, and your friends. Join today and I promise you will not be disappointed.

        The Worden Defense System is a self-defense             program designed to provide the student real life          strategies and tactics to defense themselves and                        those they care about from harm.

    Is training in Worden Defense System right for me? If you want to learn effective ways to defend yourself and your loved ones from danger, then Worden Defense System is perfect for you.

    Invariably, many of today’s Martial Arts programs suffer from an over-stylized approach to technical training. Many instructors teach watered down and inadequate techniques from modernized styles that over time have evolved into sport-oriented systems. Sport martial arts has little to do with true self-defense.

Make no mistake, sport-focused martial arts can be a lot of fun, socially rewarding, and great exercise. Just don’t expect the techniques learned in a cardio kickboxing class to protect you.

    If you want to learn how to protect yourself from today’s real-world threats, training in Worden Defense System is right for you.


    What style of the martial arts is Worden Defense System? It is not so much a style as a synthesis of styles. It utilizes all ways and is bound by none. Professor Kelly S. Worden developed the Worden Defense System with a solid foundation of proven martial arts defense concepts, that focus on guiding the student to become self-sufficient. Through these proven methods you can develop your own practical skills and functional results adapted to your physical capabilities.

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         What you get when you sign up


WordenDefense.com members will get to learn in an environment that is as close to live training in my seminars or private training facility as possible.

When you join, you get:

  • Access to my extensive video training vault via video streaming on almost any device

  • New, scheduled training videos right when they are published

  • Feedback from me and my instructors via live chats and video uploads

    Note: Vocalizations are a key component to setting tone and intent in self-defense. You can be assured that your attacker will attempt to verbally intimidate you by raising their voice, growling, and using foul language (a.k.a. swearing). Part of our training should include being on the receiving and delivering end of this vocalization.  You should assume that video content on WordenDefense.com includes such vocalizations.


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