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Surviving a Home Invasion

Home Invasion Survival by Harry Lodholm:

My wife and I experienced a home invasion robbery a few years ago. We feel fortunate to be alive.

To be short, after a pistol whipping for me and a severe knife cut for my sweetheart we were tied face down hands behind our backs. One of the three sat on me with the barrel of a gun pressed at the base of my head while the other two ransacked our house.

Luckily for us they were not terribly bright. They all three went outside for some reason giving me time to get myself and Janice untied and re-lock the door.

The door held long enough for us to get to the bedroom, call 911 and retrieve the pistol they hadn't found. As the first one busted through our bedroom door I fired halting the attack. As I continued to cover them I told them that if they came into the room I would kill them and they needed to leave, which they did.

I have since made changes to our home and our habits to negate something similar happening again however we are not always in our home.

I conceal carry now but have been looking for a nonlethal means of self defense.

I have found what I have been seeking in Mr. Worden's defense system; solid principles without the "fluff" I've seen elsewhere.

Response by Datu Kelly S. Worden:

Wow, I don't know about those individuals that are reading Harry Lodholm's experiences with violent crime in the Tacoma area, but it was a chilling personal account of a "Home Intrusion Robbery" gone bad!

Harry had contacted me about personal defense; once he shared his story I immediately scheduled a private training session focusing on "empowering him with functional defense methods" he could implement without a second thought. Unfortunately, violent attacks have no restrictions, no barriers, assault's happen in public areas every minute of every day! Sadly, for Harry and his wife, the life threatening situation happened in the privacy of their home, a terrible violation in anyone's life.

Without exception, violence can destroy every grain of faith, trust, and confidence; in truth, violent assault instills terror, fear, uncertainty, and even guilt, especially if a loved one is injured and we lacked the insight to prepare for such unforeseen viciousness. Violence does not have to happen to us personally to enlighten us to the threats that are everywhere within society; awareness is the key especially for our home. Really, where do we feel the most secure? The answer should be, 'within the sanctuary of our home!'

Talk is cheap! When seeking self defense training you need practical information; immediate options that adapt to your personal needs, physical limitations, and psychological capabilities. Taking Harry's life threatening situation into account, the first 10 minutes of his training focused on neutralizing a face to face close quarter assault; he was instructed in counter strike maneuvers, that included how to disengage, evade the threat, and deploy his personal handgun!

This strategic method is referenced as the '12 Essential Strikes or more appropriately the Dirty Dozen!' The Dirty Dozen is an aggressive sequence of direct vital point striking formulated to startle, disorient, and injure the aggressor allowing you to strategically evade and escape further harm.

At any age there is little time, self defense is not MMA, nor is it like a movie scene! As much as commercial karate schools, MMA gyms, or JuJitsu systems think that they are providing practical defense methods, they are "Dead Wrong!" Self Defense must embrace immediate solutions, not traditional techniques, sport maneuvers, or down payments and contracts, that is self serving crap! Simple logic, you need to learn and comprehend how to create a layered approach to home and personal defense that works for you, not someone else. We all possess instinctual awareness, we have just lost the ability to respond to fear as a natural survival instinct!

The layered approach to self defense includes learning the legal and criminal ramifications, also learning how to recognize the threat while learning and defining personal strategies to avoid, evade, neutralize, and seek immediate safety! I teach you to control the confrontational range, develop your practical striking skills, and how to recognize and when to use improvised weapons, impact weapons, edged weapons, and firearms!

Pay attention, "You will not find these skills at a commercial school!"

There are no guarantees to violent assault but there are practical options for all ages and physical capabilities; most importantly we must realize and accept, "we are body guards for ourselves and our family 24/7! 911 does not serve anyone during a violent assault, the police are there to intervene only if they are physically on the scene at the time of the assault, if not, they collect information and file a report.

We need the police within our society, but real self defense is "OUR RESPONSIBILITY!" Fear, cowering, and submission is not an acceptable answer.

Do you want to "Empower yourself and family?" call Kelly S. Worden @ 253-678-7658

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