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Function Over Flash BY KELLY WORDEN

I have to admit that my research forced me to look long and hard for an art that would adapt to my physical limitations from injuries as well as age. It is a constant evolution, I was fortunate enough to be selected by the U.S. Army Special Forces to develop training programs and refine my teaching methodology into a no nonsense approach to ‘applied ruthlessness.’ Big vision there eh?

Bottom line, few arts fulfill what we all need, that is the beauty of what Jeet Kune Do was suppose to offer; Bruce Lee was an amazing athlete and unfortunately died before he could really define what was logical and practical for each practitioner; actually how could he? The formulation of personal defense is a ‘self-realized’ reality, not a one art fits all. Personal defense – yes not self-defense – because you are a bodyguard 24/7 for not just yourself but your family, friends, and possibly anyone else who needs help.

The military mindset approach was the closest thing I could develop, in reality, within our home for personal defense. “We are all military or should be processing the escalation of force with a military mindset!” I devised a 24 maneuver format I call the ‘Essential 24’ or the Double Dirty Dozen in a non-politically correct term. Additionally, instead of collecting or accumulating techniques, I reference movement and strategies as ‘Tool Development,’ this eliminates style glorification. The ultimate goal is to cultivate ruthless power development, functional maneuvers, and seamless transitions that flow from one range to the next.

Threat assessment includes acceleration of force recognition and precision in anatomical targeting, additionally recognized EDC (every day carry) weapons and the ability to implement any and all objects as improvised weapons.

“This is time proven strategies adaptable to the individual.” Bottom line, formulate your own comprehension and systematic approach to a layered defense system.

Styles are isolated strategies and usually adapted from cultural limitations that have little to do with the environment we actually live in. In truth, we live in a concrete world, there are no Tap Outs and there are no referees, just uneducated people that think sport fighting is real fighting. If we are in a fight, our early warning instincts have failed us or we have failed to heed them. In short, without instinctual awareness we have lost the element of surprise and a conflict quickly transitions to athlete against athlete or ‘fool against thug’…

I assist people to ‘pave their own way,’ to realize that personal defense is or must be adapted to each individuals physical and psychological capabilities. Reaching out for assistance is a good start but you have to step outside of the martial arts box, eliminate the cool stuff that make movies seem real.

Isolate concepts that adapt and can be applied with minimal effort and be implemented with intent, that is if your intention is to save your ass and protect those you love. If not, you are just a ‘Sheeple in waiting!’

Not your fault, it’s this weak ass society we have allowed to consume most of America’s spirit as well as our rights for personal defense.

Most importantly, stay alert in public and cultivate instinctual awareness, from there you can build a defense method that addresses your personal needs!

Now go train!


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