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Water and Steel -2020

Fourty Years of Brotherhood!


Yearly, every Labor Day Weekend, I open the Natural Spirit Int’l doors of camaraderie for 3 days of extensive training, style alliance, gourmet food, and personal interaction at the NSI Training Center on beautiful Raft Island, Washington!

Yes indeed! Three days to join together, work out, train hard, rock, roll, and party on Garth!


Literally the Water and Steel experience is now in its thirty ninth year! It is a martial art cross training dream where arts such as Modern Arnis, American Sombo, Non Classical Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Lucay lucay JKD/Kali, Kajukenbo, Shotokan, Isshinryu, Goju Ryu, Renegade JKD, Tae Kwon Do, Kempo, and other arts all co-exist seeking the path to Connect The Systems.


I established the cohesive methodology of “Connecting the Systems” with a vision of bringing some of the best instructors in the industry first to the Mountains of Wenatchee Washington and now to the beautiful waterfront retreat at Raft Island!


“Water and Steel” has remained a martial art treasure with attendees from all corners of the World!


Brotherhood is one of the main reasons the Natural Spirit Int’l camps are so well received. This statement is the very premise as to why I continue to organize the camps year after year. It is not just the relationships of the participants but also the instructors. Strong bonds and lifelong friendships have truly blossomed over the years.


Can’t Get Enough Of That Funky Stuff !


It would seem almost too good to be true, but all those within the brotherhood of Natural Spirit Int’l have experienced years of incalculable education. The associations with great teachers are continually expanding year after year. “Connecting the Systems” is a worldwide acknowledged path of development!


Raft Island Training Camp is nestled in a large meadow surrounded by forest on the waterfront shores of Puget Sound. As you drive over the bridge you realize it is an Island Sanctuary, far away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic and noise pollution.


The tranquility of a salt water breeze sweeps through the trees as birds sing in harmony along wilderness trails leading to the beach and private dock facilities that stretch deep beyond the water's edge.. Sea otters, raccoons, and a small herd of deer forage the fields and shoreline for food as Bald Eagle’s majestically soar the sky or perch within the towering trees.


During the glimmer of a moon lit evening the woods come alive with the untamed sounds of nature as it echo’s within the natural habitat embracing the Raft Island Training Camp. Truly the ambiance, brotherhood, and martial arts experience at Raft Island is not an atmosphere easily forgotten or dismissed as practitioners return seeking to revive heartfelt memories and capture new ones year after year!


Hop, skip, and jump, or we could take this boat !


Although Raft Island is a short distance away from the historic and rustic waterfront town of Gig Harbor where tourists seek to discover or purchase antiques and gifts from the past, few wish to leave the Raft Island tranquility.


The Raft Island Training Camp is totally self-efficient with modern cabins, an onsite professional cooking staff, group meeting lodge, and waterfront access to swim, canoe, fish, or relax. Honestly, just about everyone trains extensively for 10 hours a day and then seeks the nightlife of professional massage treatments, waterfront discussions, or moon light howls over a cold beer!


The real truth is “it is always your choice to work-out or relax” simple as that!


Escape, Train, and Rock Steady….

Eat, Drink, and be Weary…

That’s the Natural Spirit Way !

"He's (Kelly Worden) also a gifted teacher - animated, fun, and able to break things down so that every student, from the most talented to the complete novice, is able to practice and learn highly effective, real- world, self-defense skills.

-- John Saylor, US National Judo Champion and Olympic Team Coach

Kelly Worden “is an American icon of the progressive arts.”

-- Taky Kimura, original student of Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do authority

"Worden is a world class martial artist who has an extensive background in combatives and an intuitive knowledge in their application" 

-- Michael Sherlock, 1st SFG(A) Operations Sergeant Major

Welcome to N.S.I. Worden Defense System


Self-defense training and resources to develop your own practical skills, gain functional results, and cultivate effective strategies for real world conflict resolution.

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