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Martial arts encapsulates any and all aspects of life's journey and through it all we can apply mental toughness (mind), physiological science (body) and moral/philosophical ideals (spirit), to adapt, overcome, and survive.


When Kelly S. Worden steps on to the floor the subject matter covers more than just physical techniques; he covers the spectrum of why martial arts and Jeet Kune Do are a unified method and template for a way of life! Analyze the simplicity of movement, the complexities of technical skill, and the psychology of intimidation, aggression, and violent attack; in truth, it is all happening in a split second. Perceptual speed is your early warning alert, reactionary speed coupled with timing and physical speed provide the instinctual spontaneous reactions that potentially saves your ass! Unify the '5 strategies of attack' into an onslaught of relentless and seamless maneuvers while seeking positional control, possible cover, shielding, improvised weapons, or personal 'EDC' (every day carry) options based on a strict strategy of socially acceptable guidelines for civilian, police, or military 'escalation of force' criteria; it's a fine line based on your environment and the threats you assess!

"That's Jeet Kune Do!" It's not style, it's survival, 'once you protect yourself physically, you must then protect yourself legally, criminally, financially, morally, and ethically; evaluate those realities while you establish 'what you are really capable of doing during a physical conflict resolution scenario!' These are just some of the reasons that "Taky Kimura' opens the door for Kelly S. Worden to be a guest instructor at his kwoon. Not a big deal? Well, keep in mind, Taky is 93 years old and has seen or heard most everything in life, especially when it comes to martial arts or the conceptual aspects of Jeet Kune Do. In all those years, only the revered 'late Wally Jay' has been invited and taught at that very kwoon once; Worden has instructed the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do 'closed door group' on multiple occasions! 


According to Taky, "Kelly Worden is an American Icon of Progressive Martial arts!"

It is true that Bruce Lee formulated the concepts, strategies, ideals, and of course the path to freedom of expression, that we all know as Jeet Kune Do. But it is also worth noting that for the last fifty six (56) years it is Taky Kimura who has embodied through Jun Fan Gung Fu (Bruce’s forerunner to JKD) the very essence of Jeet Kune Do as a way of life.In this way, Taky Kimura is the personification of the Tao of JKD, of "the Way! 


In Kelly S. Worden's words, "I know Taky as a humble man who seeks only to provide an unwavering martial and personal example for others. He exemplifies the most positive of role models in his decades-long efforts at educating the world about the truth and ideals Bruce Lee taught and shared with him well over fifty years ago. For Taky "life is Jeet Kune Do!”

Worden Live at Taky Kimura's

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