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This DVD is a Collector Classic! Kelly Worden produced a series of Cable Access T.V. shows called Streetwise Self Defense and this specific program featured the late “Sonny Umpad” and his dynamic Visayan Corto Cadena Escrima system. The training program was recorded in Tacoma WA. during a live seminar where Sonny instructed Double Stick, Single Stick, Knife, and Empty Hand concepts. Additionally there is also a very insightful personal interview with Sonny Umpad regarding his method and historical lineage. Don’t lose this opportunity to learn concepts that are revered by martial artists worldwide! The late Sonny Umpad was one of the true FMA innovators of the progressive martial arts world. According to Jesse Glover “Sonny was the only person who actually moved like Bruce Lee with sticks in his hands!”

Streetwise Self Defense-Sonny Umpad Seminar

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