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All politics aside, this two DVD set covers the historical event when three senior Modern Arnis teachers step on the training floor together! Worden covers the conceptual approach that earned him the title of Datu directly from the founder of Modern Arnis Professor Remy A. Presas. Worden demonstrates “connecting the systems” as he flows from stick to empty hand and into the deadly art of the blade! This is a rare opportunity to see and experience the exceptional distinctions of how three senior instructors created their own expressions of the Art within your Art, Modern Arnis!


Dan Anderson brings his unique insight into how Modern Arnis can be formulated and adapted to karate, kung fu and other arts. Timing coupled with positional control, speed, feinting, and range can improve any practitioner’s technical skill and self-defense survivability. During the 70’s and 80’s Dan established an impeccable career as a Nationally Rated sport karate competitor, join Super Dan Anderson and explore some of his tactics and strategies that allowed him to excel to National fame and recognition and apply his methods of technical efficiency to your own fighting prowess.


Bram Frank offers his innovative approach to Modern Arnis and shares concepts of the long blade. This is a great opportunity to learn the principles of classical blade strategies balanced with Bram’s unique teaching methodology that will assist you to develop improved body mechanics, line familiarity, flow drills and more. The long blade offers all practitioners many essential keys that will assist in the development of physical, technical, and psychological attributes. Modern Arnis is the art within your art, now is the time to feel the flow and experience the evolution of the art from a direct student of Remy A. Presas.

Stick and Steel-FMA Seminar

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