Defend yourself with the “Saf-T-Wrench”

Only $7.95

Saf-T-Wrench Self defense, personal protection, and physical security is the God given right of every American and individual worldwide. Sadly just watching the evening news illuminates a completely different reality than what “we the people” hope for as a society. Our streets are not safe, our Cities are literally cesspools riddled with crime, and yes, crime is everywhere!

Citizens worldwide fall prey to criminal predators, as victims we have few options to provide immediate personal safety. Firearms, knives, and cumbersome steel or wood.

The evolution of high density plastic coupled with a revolutionary new self defense design offers a practical alternative for personal protection, the “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote!”

The “Saf-T-Wrench key-Tote” is specifically a self defense tool designed to deter physical attacks and assist in evade and escape options.

The “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote” was designed and created by Internationally respected martial artist and self defense expert Kelly S. Worden.

Following the huge success of the “Travel Wrench Impact Kerambit ”, Kelly S. Worden has stepped up again to offer yet another dynamic tool of self defense the “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote!”

Small, lightweight, and non-descript the “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote” is easy to use, easy to carry, and user friendly.

The “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote” is ergonomically designed to provide reinforced stopping power by offering “three” multi-directional striking impact points for self defense conflict resolution!

Designed to function dynamically with simple physical movements, the “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote” multiplies any individual’s physical defensive striking power!

Just the simple “Strike to escape,” pattern of a “Plus Sign,” side to side, or up and down movements, coupled with a uncomplicated straight extension punch strike offers seriously potent defensive results!

The “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote” offers “Three” distinct defensive impact striking surfaces, designed to generate maximum power with minimal effort. If utilized properly Defensive Strikes, Locks, and Control Tactics can be implemented with nominal skill and practice.

Literally you can even open your hand to grab and maneuver an aggressor while maintaining control and a secure grip of the “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote!”

The “Saf-T-Wrench key-tote” offers actual “Hex Head socket holes within the main tool body in sizes 1/4,” 5/16,” 3/8”, and 7/16th ” for functional Nut Removing capabilities!