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DVD Disk #1 features Kelly S. Worden and his long-time student, Rowland Santos. Tool development is the main focus of this unique “New” Instructional DVD. Concepts that easily adapted to “Real World” conflict resolution! Bottom line if you do not have stopping power in your defensive striking skills, you need this revolutionary dynamic program. Learn Distance, Range Control, Low Line Kicking, Knees, Elbows, Hand Techniques that really do work, and equally important, how to cover up when attacked. Learn Skills that are time proven, practical, and adapt to your physical limitations! This DVD teaches you how to make Western boxing and Kickboxing functional for self-defense. DVD one covers the technical foundation of skill set development; learn the techniques and skills that have made Kelly S. Worden a leading proponent in many aspects of personal defense. Bottom line if you or your students don’t have serious striking power, command of your fighting range, and functional skill with hands, kicks, elbows, knees, and the standing grapple this DVD will provide a step by step format! Learn or return Guarantee!


DVD # 2 Takes you beyond the strategies of striking and introduces you to the finer aspects of closing the gap to clinch striking and positional control. Learn to put combinations together that really work when you need them! Kelly Worden teaches you and your students to slip, bob, weave and attach to your opponent, destroy his motivation to win while slamming him into a wall, taking him to the floor of finishing him off with an onslaught of ruthless striking combinations! This DVD puts the combinations together in a workout that will improve your physical condition while enhancing and balancing your fighting capabilities. Learn not only the technical skills but also how to coach and instruct this format to others. Few instructors simplify and explain the concepts and techniques like Kelly S. Worden does. Let him guide you to a level you never felt you could achieve! Build Confidence, Personal Protection Skills, and Physical Endurance! Both DVD # 1 and # 2 contain actual WKA Kickboxing fight footage of Kelly S. Worden’s students. Without question, these Dynamic Instructional DVD Programs are both Educational and Entertaining! Functional street tactics that really work! Doubt it? What do you have to lose? If it is not what we say, return it, no questions asked! Learn or return Guarantee!

Kickboxing for Street Defense 2 DVD Set

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