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This 2-disc DVD set is the easiest, most highly effective way to learn self-defense with a walking cane. No martial arts or self-defense experience needed. We boil it down in an intuitive and practical way.


Learn defensive techniques that will stop an attacker cold and help you protect yourself and the people you love, and to escape safely. Begin to be proficient in under an hour, adapt the skills to you as needed. Add an hour of practice, and watch your skills grow exponentially. If you need a walking cane, your covert self-defense tool is already ready to use. The same skills are transferable to other items. Maybe it’s an umbrella, tactical baton, hiking pole, or if you are a cop, an ASP baton.


DVD # 2 Takes you beyond the strategies of striking and introduces you to the finer aspects of closing the gap to clinch striking and positional control. Learn to put combinations together that really work when you need them! Kelly Worden teaches you and your students to slip, bob, weave and attach to your opponent, destroy his motivation to win while slamming him into a wall, taking him to the floor of finishing him off with an onslaught of ruthless striking combinations! This DVD puts the combinations together in a workout that will improve your physical condition while enhancing and balancing your fighting capabilities. Learn not only the technical skills but also how to coach and instruct this format to others.


Few instructors simplify and explain the concepts and techniques like Kelly S. Worden does. Let him guide you to a level you never felt you could achieve! Build Confidence, Personal Protection Skills, and Physical Endurance!


Both DVD # 1 and # 2 contain actual WKA Kickboxing fight footage of Kelly S. Worden’s students. Without question, these Dynamic Instructional DVD Programs are both Educational and Entertaining! Functional street tactics that really work! 


Doubt it? What do you have to lose? If it is not what we say, return it, no questions asked! Learn or return Guarantee!

Intensive Walking Cane Training

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