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Jeet Kune Do Senior describes Kelly S. Worden as an “American Icon of the Progressive Martial Arts!”

This Water & Steel DVD series reveals why.

DVD # 1. Covers: Tool Development, A practical approach to Personal Defense emphasizing functional American Boxing and kickboxing skill sets, Hand combinations, low line kicking, Knees and Elbow power striking development. These techniques are referred to as 90%’ers, meaning techniques that will work 90% of the time! Concepts and techniques you can depend on and that work when you need them; protect yourself up close and personal!

DVD #2. Covers: The Essential 24 Strikes for Personal Protection also coined the “Double Dirty Dozen” when your back is against the wall and you have no time for fighting throw down fast and dirty with the concepts contained within the Essential 24 strikes. Every strike is a game stopper, direct, efficient, and practical, Use each technique as a single direct attack or link them together in combinations. Learn these Solid functional concepts and build your own expression of Street Jeet Kune Do. Also contained in this DVD are the dynamic base disruptions of the Worden Defense System, systemized Foot Trapping in a easily adaptable methodology that offers insight into real useable skill sets that close the distance, shut down the aggressors’ mobility, and allow you to control the outcome of almost any close quarter conflict! Learn to take his base, destroy his balance, and win the conflict!

DVD # 3. Covers: Renegade JKD and Non Classical Gung Fu, without question these two arts form the foundation for self-expression and provide a direct path to self-realization. Although those two descriptions sound similar they are separate components within personal development yet critical keys to comprehending the vital connections vital in developing natural martial art attributes. This is the phase of training where you learn to put all your tools together; connecting the systems and achieving the skill sets that will refine your natural reactive defense response during any physical conflict. Also included in DVD # 3 is a foundational approach to knife skill development using Figure Eight (8) patterns for offense and defensive strategies.

DVD # 4. Covers: Raw essential skills of Arnis, translations that make the art come alive with technique developing connections that are applicable to any art. Also included are Double Stick Sinawali patterns that will improve your boxing and Muay Thai striking combinations while increasing your power. This curriculum shares the concepts of developing power through body rotation dynamics as well as how true body point target accuracy can stop an aggressor with less effort. Worden demonstrates extreme efficiency in movement clarifying why Professor Presas appointed him the first Westerner of Modern Arnis promoted to the title of Datu. Kelly S. Worden eliminates the flash and teaches real function, progressive Jeet Kune Do for personal development! * learn or return guaranteed!*

DVD-Water and Steel 2009 4 Disk Set

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