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The Water and Steel training camps have earned a reputation worldwide as energetic and motivating events. Each training session offers unique insights into concept driven techniques that adapt to the individual. No matter what style of martial arts you practice the principles contain in this action packed ‘three DVD set’ will inspire you to discover your own truth in defensive movement.

DVD # 1 features ‘The Double Dirty Dozen’ which equates to twenty four devastating strikes that will stop an aggressor in his tracks! Learn drills that will increase your power, mobility, and overall effectiveness while developing hand strikes, elbows, knees, and powerful direct kickboxing style kicks. That’s not all, learn a systemized base disruption format with ruthless foot trapping and integrate dynamic joint locking flow concepts.

DVD # 2 covers N.S.I. Modern Arnis/ Kali principles that work right now, functional and direct cross referenced to empty hand and Travel Wrench tactics that connect the systems.

DVD # 3 addresses the reality of ground fighting, not grappling, hidden strikes, breaks, and control techniques. Move directly into the diversity of the Silent fighter training dummy; improve hand speed, sensitivity, and positional control. Wrap up this dynamic set with concepts of Non Classical Gung Fu blended with the principles of Renegade Jeet Kune Do. What is Renegade Jeet Kune Do? Simply put it is adapting techniques and fighting spirit to the environment; adapt, flow and dominate! 
MMA for the Street!

DVD-Water and Steel 2008 3 Disk set

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