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DVD 1: This legendary camp bridges the gap from Traditional martial art to today’s progressive systems. Every camp is unique and offers something for any level of skill participant. Featured in DVD # 1 – You can learn concepts and techniques of single Stick usage and defense. Foundational stick sets that allow you to retain and improve your technical skill independently through self-training and repetition. Also learn double sticks engagement drills that not only improve you overall fitness but refine your physical attributes and equalize ambidextrous coordination.

DVD 2: Kelly S. Worden is renowned worldwide for his insights into the Long Pole Staff; learn the striking and deflection patterns that will allow you to connect the systems from weapon to empty hand. Fear of being attacked by a weapon is a common sense reaction; you can now learn the logical defense movements that will neutralize the threats by allowing you to understand the dynamics of the weapon. The Long pole training teaches you the foundation of all weapon principles; targeting, pivotal power, center-line control and body dynamics. This DVD also shares concepts of long blade and short blade usage and defense. Learn how to properly use the weapon so you can defend against it! Long Pole, Machete, and Tactical Knife, this DVD covers all that and more!

DVD 3: Connect the Systems, there is little doubt that unarmed training is essential to personal defense; now you can learn concepts and techniques that will assist you to excel beyond traditional defense strategies. Learn the Jeet Kune Do five strategies of attack and apply them to any system or style, better yet adapt and overcome the limitations of style by embracing the functional essence of Renegade Jeet Kune Do. Learn to extract and apply techniques from any system, the individual is more important than any style!

DVD 4: Bob Anderson is a legendary practitioner of Kajukenbo the first real “American Street Fighting art.” Mr. Anderson is a world renowned Executive Protection Professional and has been an associate of Kelly Worden for over 30 years. This DVD covers dynamic elements of personal protection and teaches you unarmed edged weapon and handgun defense.

DVD-Water and Steel 2006 4 Disk Set

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