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The Silent Fighter Renegade JKD Training Dummy is designed to be very versatile for today’s martial art practitioner! Any system, any style, the Ultimate JKD Training Dummy! Personal Development, train and workout Empty Hands, Double Sticks, Single Stick, Knife, Staff, as well as Projectiles and Flexible Weapons. The Silent Fighter Endures extreme punishment! The Silent Fighter body is made of solid wood, fully padded from top to bottom with close-cell foam, and heavy duty Vinyl Upholstery. Strike, elbow, knee, or kick just like a heavy bag! Develop amazing skill sets! The NSI Renegade JKD Training DVD shows you how! Develop power, sensitivity, accuracy, targeting, increases striking and trapping speed. The Silent Fighter is you’re personal training partner! The Silent Fighter is more than a Mook Jong, it is a revolutionary Training Simulator, A DUMMY YOU CAN HIT HARD WITHOUT FEAR OF INJURY ! TIME PROVEN! Developed over 15 years ago by Kelly S. Worden

DVD-Silent Fighter Renegade JKD

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