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Bridging Hands Disc #2 makes the connection into Non-Classical Chi Sau, Straight Blast, and Trapping! Disc 2 rocks hard to assist the viewer to develop solid punching skills extracted from the methods shared with Kelly S. Worden from Jesse Glover, “Bruce Lee’s” first student. This program establishes the dynamic elements of the Non-Classical Straight Blast predicated on forward pressure while overpowering an attacker with cumulative power striking! Worden also isolates and refines the dynamics of “One Hit” Power Striking and defines the Single Direct Attack strategy. Additionally the fast hand concepts of Bridging Hands connect the systems in sensitivity development by linking Filipino Hubud-Lubud skill sets into the double hand Non-Classical Chi Sau engagement. Dominate physical attachment, positional control, trapping, locks, controls, foot trapping and more. Now is your opportunity to refine the ability to seamlessly flow from system to system; Superior Speed, Power, and Control!

DVD-Bridging Hands Striking Relations Program 2

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