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Volume Two: Long Blade Fighting Strategies demonstrates and clearly shows how to use a longer knife and how to adapt those techniques to a more legal-length blade size for realistic combat. This addresses the classical lines of long blade tactics and will build your skill, movement, and strategies beyond your expectations. Worden integrates the classical strategies of Filipino knife fighting directly into his teachings. Referred to as sub-systems the elements of Banda y Banda (side to side), Crossada (crossing) Palis Palis (passing with the force), Rompida (diagonal slashing), Figure Eight, Ocho Ocho (figure eight), and Espada y Daga (sword and dagger) are seamlessly blended into Worden's interpretation of long blade strategies. These methods are the same concepts he instructed to the U.S. Army 1st. Special Forces at Ft. Lewis, Washington for well over a decade! Datu Worden was featured on the History Channel’s show “Tactical to Practical” teaching knife and ax fighting to members of the Green Berets.


Build your tactical advantage and refine your physical attributes, this DVD offers you a psychological edge in knife defense!

DVD-21st Century Knife-Volume 2

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