Wortac 2.9" Folder - D-2 Steel, G10 Handles 

Wortac 2.9" Folder

Color: Black
  • The design of the Wortac came from the mind of Kelly Worden. Datu Worden is a renowned martial artist and has refined blade fighting to a level of subtle effective simplicity. .
    Timberline introduced the production Wortac in 2000 and reportedly sold more than 10,000 of them in 2001. I can attest to these knives being popular.

    The 'New Timberline Wortac Generation II' was released in July 2016 and is available directly from Kelly’s website. It is priced reasonably at $ 79.95 MSRP. These are big tactical knives. The ergonomics are excellent. They feel solid in your hand and can be used closed as a “fist load” or even a sap.
    The balance is very good with the blade open and the knife moves quickly from forward to reverse grip.
    The swedge or finger choil on the Generation II is slightly bigger than the original Wortac. To me it looks better. The edge comes very sharp, almost razor sharp.
    The original Wortac was a superb tactical folder and the Gen II is even better. The original was produced in Taiwan while the Generation II is a product of China. The quality of the Generation II is excellent. 
    The  Timberline WORTAC Generation II, is a hard use folding knife incorporating a performance D-2 tool steel blade with stainless steel liners nested in the G-10 handle to reduce width of the handle. Ribs in the spine and belly of the handle maximize grip and retention. These advanced features, complemented by the carbide impact glass breaker and left/right reversible clothing clip make the new Worden WORTAC Generation II a must-have, hard use folding knife.

    If you like tactical folders, especially those designed by “real deal” blade masters, this knife is for you!