"Online Training!"



Topic is: Sibat - Kali/Arnis, Applications
Solo Training Drills and Maneuvers

Dynamic Weapon Development

JKD 5 Strategies of Attack

Progressive Defense Stratagies

"It is Connecting the Systems" and allows you to relate strategies directly into "the Art within your Art!"

• 1) Paypal $10.00 at wordendefensesystem@gmail.com

• 2) Sign up on Google Apps - "Line"

• 3) Friend Request the Moderators: Chad Edward, James Artur Shepard, Belton Lubas, or Cliff Tutor

• 4) The “Line” group is “Datu Kelly's Dojo”

• 5) Training begins at 4:00 p.m. PST

Bottom line, view the session, if you are not happy with the content,

"I'll give you a Refund!"

Kelly S. Worden

Datu Worden Online Training May 23rd