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 Self-defense training and resources to develop your own practical skills,   gain functional results, and cultivate effective strategies for real world   conflict resolution.

"Worden is a world class martial artist who has an extensive background in combatives and an intuitive knowledge in their application" 

-- Michael Sherlock, 1st SFG(A) Operations Sergeant Major

Kelly Worden “is an American icon of the progressive arts.”

-- Taky Kimura, original student of Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do authority

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Kelly Worden:
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"He's (Kelly Worden) also a gifted teacher - animated, fun, and able to break things down so that every student, from the most talented to the complete novice, is able to practice and learn highly effective, real- world, self-defense skills.

-- John Saylor, US National Judo Champion and Olympic Team Coach

What you get when you sign up

WordenDefense.com members will get to learn in an environment that is as close to live training in my seminars or private training facility as is possible.

When you join, you get:

  • Access to my extensive video training vault via video streaming on almost any device

  • New, scheduled training videos right when they are published

  • Feedback from me and my instructors via live chats and video uploads

  • Discounts on seminars when available

  • Discounts on Worden tools such as the Travel Wrench, Saf-T-Wrench, Palm Wrench, and Wortac Tactical Folder.

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